2005 Member of group from Belgrade.
2007 MA at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Drawing Department, class of professor Mrdjan Bajic
2003 BA at the FFA in Belgrade, Painting Department,class of professor Dragan Jovanovic
1997 Finished High school for Design in Belgrade
Solo Exhibitions:
2014 ‘PubSub’ (with Dragan Djordjevic), Gallery Zecevic, Belgrade
2007 ‘Templates’, Zvono Gallery, Belgrade
2004 ‘Neurocream Collection’, Dom Omladine Gallery, Belgrade
2004 ‘Empathy Devices’ (with Dragan Djordjevic), Kunstpunkte,Duesseldorf, Germany
2003 ‘Swimmingpools’, Palleta Gallery, Belgrade
1999 ‘19212229’, Zvono Gallery, Belgrade
Group Exhibitions:
2016.INVITO, Trieste, Italy
2014 ‘Unwrapped’, U10 Galery Belgrade
2010 Nova Art Gallery, Belgrade
2009 ‘Fascinatinig Geometry’, Magacin, Belgrade
2008 ‘Book- Earth- Maps’, Biennial exhibition, Center for visual research, Cacak
2008 Henkel Art Award Finalists, Vienna
2008 Henkel Art Award Finalists, Belgrade
2008 ‘Beyond Theory’ (with Dragan Djordjevic), WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
2007 ‘Re_set’, Contemporary gallery in Pancevo
2007 ’70 years of FFA in Belgrade’, French Cultural Center, Belgrade
2006 Reggio Emilia Accademie a confronto, Italy
2006 ‘Mobile Studios’ Republic Square, public space, Belgrade . 2006 ‘Zoom to Fit’, Ozone Gallery, Belgrade
2005 ‘FLUid’, Dom Omladine Gallery, Belgrade
2005 ‘Real Presence- Floating sites’ IUAV Faculty of Arts&Design, Venezia.
2005 ‘Speak Up!’, Myymalla2 Gallery, Helsinki
2004 Transformation of the Unkonown City, Zrenjanin
2003 Mutiny Bounty, The Agency Gallery, London
2003 Mutiny Bounty, FFA Gallery, Belgrade
2002 Student Drawings, Solun, Greece
2003-00 Drawings and small sculpure, Dom Omladine, Belgrade
2000 4th Youth Biennale, Vrsac
2007-1999 Golden Pen, International Biennale of Illustrators, Belgrade
Seminars and related:
‘Real Presence- Floating sites’ workshop, collateral event of 51. Bienalle di Venezia, Italy,
2005 ‘Speak Up!’ workshop, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Artists in residence, Duesseldorf, Germany
2002 Gasthof Festival, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1999 Play against violence workshop, BELEF Festival, Belgrade
2005 Illustration Award, 43rd Golden Pen, Belgrade
1999 Ministry of Culture and Sport’s award for special achievment
2002 Stipendy of Norvegian embassy in Belgrade
2003 Student of generation 2003., FFA in Belgrade